From where and why apifeel? Actually the name are created by eddy, yes our CEO.

 Why? Because we are staying in K.K. KK is a place that located in sabah, Malaysia.

 A place called Kota Kinabalu, and apifeel(aka KK) is just a pronunciation in hakka language.


About how the members are being joined into this group?

5 of us always go outing together. We share, we learn, we play together!

We got a strong friendships, in short, is a group formed by the 5 best friends.



Apifeel is a private group, our present initial are taking photo just for fun,

we are ^NOT ̄ a professional(commercial) photographer that make money based on photography,

 but our initial might change in the near future,

it¨s depends on Luck or our future plan(if any), we never know!





     Eddy  - CEO, director

     Tony  - Models provider (main photographer)

     DAC   - Video

     Vincent - King of behind the scene (thanks vince)

     C2     - Camera maniac and gears provider.


All Photo are taken using:


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Special thanks to: zeciah design, fred, willie, all the models (too many) lol.

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